The Long Drive-In Theatre combines the best of everything. Great movies, beautiful nights, and a full service restaurant.

SCHEDULE THROUGH SEPT 28: Please see ALL notes below.


** Sept 5,6,7 LAST CHANCE for an animated movie until BoxTrolls on “Trunk-or-Treat” weekend! Gates open at 6:30 and movies begin at 8:30 so, this time of year, you can catch an early movie with the kids AND a movie for yourself and still be home by 12:30!!


** Sept 12,13,14 Movies will begin at approx 8:15 & 10:15


** Sept 19,20,20 Movies will begin at approx 8:00 & 10:00. We lose about 15 minutes of daylight each weekend :o(


** Sept 26,27,28 Most likely will be an all adult movie weekend! Other than Boxtrolls, studios hold onto their family movies for Thanksgiving/Christmas time.


** We should have our “Fright Night” weekends and movies chosen by mid-September so you can plan your weekend!


Gates open at 6:30 p.m. First movie starts at dusk with the second movie to follow.